Main window

The aligner main window contains the following sections:


At the top you can select in which axis you want to align or evenly distribute the objects to. You can align and evenly distribute to the X, Y and Z axis.

Below you find the following operations to choose from:

  • Align Top
  • align horizontally
  • align bottom
  • align left
  • align vertical
  • align right
  • distribute left
  • distribute horizontal
  • distribute right
  • distribute top
  • distribute vertical
  • distribute_bottom

Locking elements to additional axis

Besides enabling one axis to process on, it is sometimes necessary to lock to an additional axis. This can be useful, when you want to evenly distribute elements and keep the element’s axis hierarchy. Have a look at the following distribute example.

In here, we distribute the elements along the y axis.


However, when we do so, the Y positions are not continuously raising and we get mismatches.


In that case, we can enable to lock additionally to the Z-Axis and this will now correctly distribute the elements evenly with keeping the y positions in tact.