Dark Secret

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Dark Secret is a project of my "Moving Image" course of my study abroad at the Auckland University of Technology. In group work, we had to create a movie trailer for a fictional thriller or drama. We should think up a story and film the trailer for it. The entire post production was then individual work.

The film is about a manager who comes into a new town to start a new business. In his new environment, however, strange things happen and he soon realizes that something is wrong. It seems as if everything was familiar to him, like as if he had been in this city before. Moreover, he is pursued by an obsessed girl. The manager starts a search and realized that he actually had been in this place in the past. A few years ago he passed through a terrible thing for the girl who pursues him, is now demanding revenge. It starts a race against time.

I made up the story and we refined it in the group. The full story to the film can be downloaded here.

In the project I took the camera work and project management. Post Production had to be done individually. I did the editing in Premiere, composited in After Effects, did a little 3D work in Maya, sounds in garage band and Soundbooth, and color grading in Synthetic Aperature Colorfinesse 3.

Here a comparison of the raw footage Translation (only the cut, no effects, no color grading) and the final version.

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