Caitiff World

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Caitiff World is a visual effects short film project from the 5th Semester. Together with Anna-Karina Drews I went through the complete production pipeline of a short film. We developed all the concepts of the film, such as story, screenplay, storyboard and shot list. I took the camera while shooting, composed the entire music for the film, the DVD menus, trailer, and extra videos on the DVD. Furthermore I took over the cut, and the visual effects of our protagonist, created a trailer and movie posters and took over the entire DVD production. This includes the composition of all media files animated DVD menus, DVD cover, DVD label and booklet, and programing and compositing everything together.

The film is about the dangerous situation of somebody to bury himself in his own world and no longer perceive anything to want. The result is an isolation with no way out.

Mylana enjoys her young life. But their it will not be eternal. Kyrag, demon of darkness has followed her into the deserted forest. It begins a hunt for the life of the elf. Mylanas odds are not good because Kyrag is a master of magic. Only with a joint effort of the lost souls she will have a chance to survive and destroy Kyrag forever.

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