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Store, retrieve and execute Python, TCL and Nuke nodes commands

smartScripter provides functionality to quickly store, retrieve and execute python code, tcl code and Nuke node snippets. These can be stored as commands inside smartScripter and are shareable among artists. As smartScripter lets you quickly jump between different scripts, it can speed up your daily work, even if you are just working on your own.

Collaboration made simple

smartScritpter allows to use a shared pool of stacks. This makes collaborating among artists powerful. Your team can work on one large stack collection. Or just work on your own - you decide.

Customize to your own workflow

smartScritpter allows you to layout your stacks the way you want. So you can customize these to your own workflow.

• 100% free
• Store, retrieve and execute any commands
• Supports Python, TCL and Nuke nodes commands
• Easily collaborate among artists
• Keep track of your favorite toolsets

For more information please visit www.cragl.com/smartScripter

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