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Connect with smartMessage

smartMessage gets you connected to your local artsits and artists world wide. You can write messages and share node setups, images, files and much more.

Connect locally and world wide

You can work with both - local storage of the data and storing everything on our server. The local option is interesting for companies that don't want to out source their communication data to the web. Everything is stored on a place on your server that all artists can access. So the machines don't need to be connected to the internet. The online option stores all data on our server.

We respect your privacy

With both options all data is safely stored encrypted. Only you and the other communication partner can read the messages.

• Instant messenger for NUKE and MAYA
• Connect world wide and with your local artists
• Group chats
• Exchange messages, nodes, images, files, etc.
• Everything is saved encrypted

For more information please visit www.cragl.com/smartMessage

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