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I played a little bit in python and nuke and did this little game for nuke. A race between two nodes. It's a nice time killer while you wait for your renderings. :-D Do you always wanted to know who is faster? The blur node or the roto node? Check it out :-D

runs with a random generator so results are always diferent. In the settings panel you can also edit the values for node speed, number of games and width of playing field. Try to compete nuke and show who can guess better... :-D

How to instal runrunrun?

Download runrunrun and copy it into your nuke home directory.
In your init.py add this line:



Initial release
This is old legacy code. Although it works as expected, it doesn't reflect my current experience level and coding style anymore. This code needs to be updated to the latest code format in the future. However, I haven't found the time to do so, yet.
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