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MultiChannelCombine is a useful nuke scripts which shuffles all read nodes automatically in one stream. It is the counter part to MultiChannelSplit. MultiChannelCombine can be useful to create a multilayer exr from several single read nodes. Simply import all your render layers, select all read-nodes that are to be joined together and run the AutoShuffleCopy script. It will shuffle copy everything together and set up all the layers automatically. Then a write node is created for exporting everything as a multichannel exr.


The first reads data will be shuffled into its own layerset; If the name of the current plate is not in the renameArr then its default name will be chosen.
Before the shuffle proces you can rename the layer sets that will be created. If the plate has a keyword that exists in the renameArr list in the source text then the layer will be renamed to that specific value. This saves time renaming the layers.
Initial release
This is old legacy code. Although it works as expected, it doesn't reflect my current experience level and coding style anymore. This code needs to be updated to the latest code format in the future. However, I haven't found the time to do so, yet.
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Thanks Man ! really useful

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