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The default plugin is a visual approach to let you create knob defaults inside Foundry’s Nuke on the fly without the need to write and maintain any line of code. It contains the default main window which lets you create, edit and delete knob defaults and bundle them in preset lists that can be imported and exported and thus be shared with other artists.

default is a featured "useful nukepedia tool"

Useful Nukepedia Tools 03 from Nukepedia on Vimeo.

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How to instal default

Download default and copy it into your nuke home directory.
In your init.py add this line:


Here are some useful knobDefaults that i use in my daily work


• Made Nuke12 and Nuke13 ready.
• Made Nuke11 ready.
• Major code changes.
• Wrote documentation.
Security validity check on xml files which can reset them if there is a problem and if the user chooses to do so.
Small bug fix in the validity check of nodes and knobs.
Default window: shows all your custom knobDefaults. You can add new custom knobDefaults and edits and delete your custom knobDefaults directly inside the default window. The default window is accessible through your menu bar: Scripts->default->defaults window In addition you can now create presets. All knobDefaults can then be saved within a preset. You can create multiple presets which can be edited, imported and exported.
Right click a knob and choose default?show knob list. A pop up window appears showing all knobs of the node. Choose a knob and set its new default value. With that you get access to set default values of all knobs of each node, even if it's a dropdown (didn't work in previous versions, because you can't actually natively create a right click menu for a dropdown in Nuke. now you can do that.)
Initial release
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